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How can I trust you with my money? An observation of the Agency/Client effectiveness relationship

It could be argued that communication is the distillation of thoughts into a sensory experience. Encouraging the individual to respond to the experience in the way we want is the key to ‘good’ communications, and if we are successful in doing this then there is a value that can be attributed to the effort that went in to achieving the outcome.

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ERIC shows the way for Shine (plus a suitcase full of awards)

The measurement of social media results has to be the way forward for brands, and many PR agencies (rightly) point out that digital communications is a core competence of PR firms. If you entrust you brand to experts in the digital space then it is surely managed to best effect through a comms specialist.

PR Week

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Sir Terry says this is the best of times for marketers- do you agree?

Few would disagree that Sir Terry Leahy knows his onions- as the former CEO of the mega-retailer Tesco he is attributed with having turned the brand into the global entity it is. One wonders how well he would do if he was starting out now, given the uncertainty of the global economy.

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The bit in the pitch process that gets overlooked…..the cost

A valuable piece of research and guidance from the IPA and the ISBA has drawn together a set of principals that agencies and brands can apply when they are entering the pitch process.

The Good Pitch is a microsite that explores these issues in detail. All the usual clichés about beauty parades and chemistry sessions are condensed into a commonsense approach, and six principals are presented.

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Contrasting views regarding creative services procurement

The need for Procurement services is a divisive issue. Many agencies complain that it is a stick that the brands owners use to beat them down on price, as it takes no account of the value that an agency brings to the relationship between the purchaser and the supplier.  

Contrast the latest views of Paul McIntyre, who is editor-at-large at AdNews Australia with the opposing opinions of commentators in the procurement business. Paul contends that Agencies get caught up in a ‘race to the bottom’

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